Last week, I was in computer hell. I ended up having to completely redo my computer – reload the OS, reinstall all my programs and restore my files – mainly my patterns.

A while back, I added cloud storage for my patterns which turned out to be my savior. When you set these things up, you should be able to set it and forget it. A word to the wise – be sure to check it every so often. Mine had not backed up my patterns for about 2 months. Lucky for me, it was only about 6 patterns.

Luck for me, most patterns I bought from Etsy or Craftsy and a few were easy to find. The next few prove a bit more difficult. One designer site I went to did not have copies of any patterns I had purchase in my account – well that’s odd. The other designer I purchased from did not have an account for me – that’s even odder. It took me a while to realize the mistakes I made.

Well I use PayPal for most of my purchases and this is what actually created the problems – let me explain……

At one designer’s site, I actually have an account. But when purchasing the pattern, it is not necessary to login to the account to pay with PayPal. So…. The website was not able to put my purchase into my account because I did not login first. Good thing I saved my receipt.

At the other designer site, I do not have an account. But since I was paying with PayPal, I did not need one. I just made the purchase and went on my way. Here again, the website had no way of knowing my past purchases. Again, I was lucky I saved the receipt. I was also lucky that these designers were quick to help me restore my purchases.

Sites like Etsy and Craftsy have you create an account for a personalized experience, saving items want lists, etc. This also enables you to quickly recover and lost pattern files.

But for individual designer websites, you should always create an account and login to it before making any purchase. I know it is so much quicker to pay and be on your way, but don’t be tempted to do easy like I was. Make that account and be sure that you are logged in before making any purchase – you will be glad you did – one day.

To recap – These are the things to remember for saving those precious patterns:

  1. If you are using a backup software or are backing up to the cloud and have set things up to be backed up automatically – periodically check your backup method to be sure that job is being actually being done.
  2. When using a designer’s website to purchase a pattern, be sure to create an account.
  3. When purchasing from the designer’s website, be sure to login to that account before making a purchase. That way your pattern purchase will be saved to your account.

Happy sewing everyone!……Fran

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