Hand Press Rivet Machine

While searching through Ebay today, I found some reasonably priced hand press machines for rivets, grommets, and cutting holes. You will need to buy the extra die sets for cutting hole and rivets, but I will also include a link for a trusted seller on Ebay,

I have not bought from the  sellers offering the hand presses, but they all have at least a 99% rating on Ebay. Plus all are US based and offer free shipping. Due to the nature of Ebay, sellers may sell out at any time and I have no control over that. I will check the listings from time to time and remove or add them as I find them.

This hand press uses die set that screw in at the top (M8) and have the 19mm drop in base.

Hand Press Machines – $45.99 and under – listed low to high

(Some prices may have changed)

Hand Press 98.9 Feedback

Hand Press Feedback 99%

Hand Press 99% Feedback

Hand Press 99.8 Positive feedback

Hand Press 99% feedback


I have also been asked where I buy my hardware. I do have one seller on Ebay that I trust and like my provider of dies, they ship fast, provide tracking and I normally have my hardware within a 2 week time frame. They are based in China.

Microshoponline    http://stores.ebay.com/micoshoponline/


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  1. Thank you for sharing all your great info on these press machines. I really am lost at which Press to purchase so I could do Rivets, Grommets and Snaps and not spend too much money but still get a good enough quality one for my sewing needs.

    • You are welcome Polly. I too was lost in the beginning, that is why I share the links for what I know works and are at a reasonable cost.

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