Pellon Flex Foam is the new kid on the block I purchased a couple of yards to see how it compared to the other foam interfacing. I was happy to find it at Hancock’s Fabric locally, but did not thoroughly check it out until I got home as I was riding with someone else. I purchase the sew-in variety like the others I tried

So when I got home and had the chance to check it out, I have to say, I was a bit disappointed. It is made similar to Soft and Stable – a foam core with knit tricot on the outer sides. But similarity stops there.

Pellon Flex Foam

Pellon Flex Foam

The knit tricot outer shell is similar to S&S, but the inner foam core is next to nothing compared to other foams. The foam core of Bosal and S&S offer some resistance when you compress it, while  Flex Foam core is very soft and offers little resistance when compressed. Flex Foam in my opinion is only slightly better than using auto headliner. Having tricot on both sides is what makes it a step above headliner.

Flex Foam  sew-in can also lends itself well to being made a fusible using a fusible webbing. And while I would not use it for any project with large panels to support, I would use it  for smaller purses/projects like I would for headliner. One nice thing about its lightness, purses are easier to turn.

Final Thoughts

While I do like one foam better than the others, each has their place in bag making, etc. Here is how I would use them in my own projects.

  1. Auto headliner and Pellon Flex Foam – I would use these for the small projects such pouches, wristlets , small purses and projects that do not need strong support on the sides.
  2. ByAnnies Soft and Stable – Best all round for almost any project except maybe the very small.
  3. Bosal-In-R-Form – I have to admit, I really like this stuff (the sew-in type). I use this for anything where I need a lot of support – larger purses or panels. It is stiffer than the rest and harder to turn, I feel it gives the best support of all the foams.

While these are totally my opinions, I hope this helps you in some small way in choosing the foam interfacing for your next project.

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