Foam Interfacing/Stabilizer – Bosal-in-R-Form

Now we have come to my favorite out of all the foam interfacing,  Bosal-in-R-Form. Bosal sew-in is a firm foam interfacing. Please note that this post only applies to the sew-in variety. Bosal’s fusibles are made different.

Bosal-in-R-Form Sew-in is the firmest of all the foam interfacing I have tried and here is why:

The sewn-n variety of Bosal has the foam in the center as they all do. The outer covering is a medium weight non-woven material – much like Craft Fuse or Decor Bond for example. This is the only variety of foam interfacing I have tried  that does not use a knit tricot as the outer shell and I like it.

Bosal-In-R-Form Sew-In

Bosal-In-R-Form Sew-In

I made the picture larger so you can really see the difference. This difference makes it the firmest of all the foams. Also, removing wrinkles is so easy. I used steam on a wool setting and the wrinkles just disappeared, all of them. I also roll this for storage.

Bosal Sew-In is great for those large purses that you want supported well such as The Stow-it-All Tote and the Ephiphany by ChrisWDesigns orthe Calypso Messenger by Cloudsplitter Bags and Design. It is a bit harder turning the bag due to the stiffness, but when I make a large bag, it is a trade off. You get more support for a little extra work, so I don’t mind.

Bosal Sew-In also lends itself well to  to being made a fusible like I mentioned with auto headliner and S&S. This allows you to keep some of the thickness (and stiffness) out of your seams.

I have found that for smaller items such as cell phone pouches and such, it is a bit too stiff if it needs turning. For the smaller items I would much prefer S&S, or Pellon Flex Foam – which is coming up next.

Bosal-In-R-Form is available prepackaged in white in 1/2, 1 yard cuts. I do believe I have seen 2 yard cuts.

Bosal is also available in black at some online shops.

Next – Pellon Flex Foam

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  1. This three-way comparison and your tips for using fusible web have been so helpful. I gravitated to headliner fabric for its lower cost, but your blog post showed that foam liners made for sewing have their advantages.

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